Home of GF-REX

Welcome to a single page all about GF-REX! (GF-REX is also known as Shawn Williams.)

What is a GF-REX?

GF-REX is a human being. (Sorry, he is NOT a dinosaur.) Hobbies include: web developing, video games, paleontology, wildlife, volcanoes, level design, and swimming. GF-REX cannot go very long without a good submersion in a large body of water. Also volcanoes are something that GF-REX prefers to study from a long distance away.

What does GF-REX do?

GFREX works as a web developer to help craft websites for many people out there.

How to contact GF-REX?

Contact @UnrealRex on Twitter or +GFREXMe on Google+.

Looking for Unreal Tournament?

In case you are looking for (or curious about) UT maps, they are still over at UnrealRex.